Men With Beards
Photo and big news update!

Ok, so not only do we have some new photos for you to look at, but we’ve got an update bigger than any iphone app update!  Are you ready for this??  You sure?  If you say so!  We will FINALLY be ordering t-shirts, NEXT week!  That’s right, just in time for the holidays, you can have your very own (or for all of your family members) Menwithbeards10 t-shirt or hoodie!  We’ll be setting up a paypal account this weekend so details on ordering will come monday/tuesday next week hopefully.  t-shirts will be $10 and hoodies will be around $20.  Quanitities will be limited this first go round, so if we see a high demand, many more will be purchased!  And remember, proceeds from these shirts go straight to Falling Whistles!  

Also with the holidays approaching, you still have time to order your whistles for christmas gifts!  Not only are you giving the gift of a whistle to a loved one, you are giving the gift of life to a child in the congo.  Spread the joy of being a whistle blower for peace this holiday season!  Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for a guest blog post next week and info on purchasing shirts!

OK, so this guy isn’t part of this, but he has a LEGENDARY beard

Two months!!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone!  We hope that it was as outstanding as possible and that family, friends, and food were all enjoyed!  Also, please be safe as you may continue to travel over this weekend!  Ok, so we are now TWO MONTHS into this thing!  Almost half way and the beards and leg hairs are looking beyond amazing! We’ve all been getting TONS of questions about why we’re growing out hair out and it’s been so cool to share the vision of Falling Whistles while we do this.  It really brings a certain kind of joy that is unexplainable.  Thank you again to all who are participating and to all who are supporting!  Continue to be whistle blowers for peace!

Photo update!

Ok, so as I’m sure was expected, a little late on getting the most recent photo updates out!  I do apologize and hope to continue to get better at this as the balance in life starts to set in!  We are just over a month and half in and still doing strong!  Hopefully by now people are starting to recognize the big beards and ask questions so that we can spread the mission of Falling Whistles to those who are unaware.  Thanks again so much!

One Month Strong!

Wow!  Can y’all believe it?!  We’re just over one month in to #noshaveoh10!  The beards are coming nicely and people are getting more and more inquisitive about why we are doing this.  Had a lot of amazing conversations with people who have really gotten interested into what Falling Whistles is doing.  At any rate, here is our picture update!  No big news to report at the moment, but we are working on some things to hopefully release here soon.  Until then, keep it classy!

2 weeks (well…technically 3..whoops) and still going strong!

OK, so I realize that this was supposed to go out LAST week, but it’s been quite crazy lately!  Anyway, we’ve had some awesome stuff happening and been truly blessed with the opportunity to hear Sean speak here in Indy and sit down and talk with him and some of the amazing FWinterns.  I’ve got some video that I’m hoping to get up here soon (within the next couple of days).  OK, for now here are some pics of us TWO weeks in!  So far it looks like the most growth is going to either Caleb or Brandon, but we’ve still got a LONG way to go!  ALSO!!  If you are interested in a shirt, they WILL be ordered by first of November, so please please please (even if you have already) e-mail us your size and if you want a hoodie, remember that’s cash up front!  Thanks so much and stay tuned!

Two of the men with beards and the founder (Sean) of Falling Whistles

Two of the men with beards and the founder (Sean) of Falling Whistles

Falling Whistles Event, T-shirts, & Beard Contest OH MY!


Just over a week in and we already have some pretty awesome things to talk about!  I guess a lot really can happen in a short amount of time!  The first thing to be brought up is that THIS Thursday, October 7th at 7pm, Falling Whistles is having an event at Trinity Church in Broad Ripple (details here:  We HIGHLY encourage anyone who reads this to go and bring as many folk with you as possible!  We will be there in hopefully high numbers!  We are incredibly excited to get to meet these guys and hear what they have to say, and hope that you are equally as, if not MORE, excited about the event as we are!  If you do come, please come find one of us and say hello.  There will also be an after party at Brockway Public House in Carmel, IN (located at Old Meridian and 126th St, next to the Meijer) so swing by and buy these hard working peeps a delicious frosty beverage!



OK, so another awesome piece of information for all of you is that we will be making t-shirts ($10) and hoodies ($20) that will have our logo on the front and the quote from our first post on the back.  All proceeds (above cost of the shirt itself) will go directly to Falling Whistles.  We’re going to do an initial order of them middle-end of October and once those sell out, we’ll do another one as needed.  If you have specific a sizes you would like, please send that info to our e-mail  Also, if you wish to order a hoodie, money is required upfrontsimply because they do cost a little more.  Please let us know as soon as you can if you’d like one of either or both!



Final announcement for now is that at the end of all of this we WILL be having a best beard contest.  One final round of pictures will be posted of everyone and you’ll have two weeks to cast votes on who you think has the best beard!  The winner will be receiving a $25 Brewhouse gift card thanks to Mr. @brewhouse ( or himself!  We are HOPING to get him in one of our awesome t-shirts before all is said and done :).  


Well guys and gals, that’s all for now!  Well, just all that’s being written today, we have TONS of other things that we’ll be posting over the next few weeks and months, so don’t you worry your pretty little heads!  We are all so thankful to everyone participating, reading, and spreading the word.  Even more, we are incredibly thankful to all the people at Falling Whistles who have encouraged us in this and have been beyond helpful in getting us info, blogs, pictures, videos, etc. to share with all of you!  So get ready!  There’s a lot of excitement yet to come :).    


Throughout all of history, human beings have come together to solve great problems. Time and time again we have made the impossible possible. 

We have crossed the oceans, traveled the great plains, conquered the skies and extended our reach to space. But we have yet to live in a century with less war than the century before us.

Like our forefathers, we too are pioneers. 

And peace is the new frontier.

how can i jump in on this!!??

We have lots of ways!  Shoot an e-mail to and I’ll send you some info!

Last minute participant Caleb P.!

Last minute participant Caleb P.!